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CPA1 Resources

Essential reading and resources for help with CPA1 Assessments. 

Combustion performance testing – Domestic - CPA1  £8.99
Combustion performance testing –
Non Domestic - CPA2
CORGI Using Portable Electronic Combustion Gas Analysers For Investigating Reports Of Fumes - GID11  £14.99
CORGIdirect Using Portable Electronic Combustion Gas Analysers- Servicing and Maintenance - GID12  £14.99
CORGIdirect Warning/Advice notice -
CORGIdirect Fumes Investigation Report - CP26  £8.50
CORGIdirect The Gas Industry Unsafe Situations Procedure - USP1  £8.99
Anton Sprint V2 Kit 3 Flue Gas Analyser with BS7967 Probe Set  £629.00
KANE 455 CPA1 Flue Gas Analyser Kit  £565.00
CORGIdirect Warning Label/Tag - At Risk - WLAR  £10.00
CORGIdirect Warning Label/Tag - Immediately Dangerous - WLID  £10.00
Electronic Combustion Analysis Kit  £560.00

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