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Product CodeCPB1
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CORGIdirect Complete Pocket Book Set - CPB1

CORGIdirect’s pocket guides are the ideal references to carry with you at all times. Small enough to keep in your pocket or toolbox these are packed full of information to be used for whatever aspect of gas installation or maintenance you are undertaking making it excellent value for money.

Save over £10.00 with this set, compared to individual prices.

Your pack includes:

  • SRB1 Ventilation Slide Rule
  • GRB1 Gas Rating Slide Rule, Natural Gas
  • CPA1 Combustion Performance Testing - Domestic
  • TTG1 Terminals and Terminations
  • TTP1 Tightness Testing and Purging
  • USP1 The Gas Industry Unsafe Situations Procedure
  • FREE Carry case
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Product Specifications
Category AreaDomestic Gas
Manufacturer Part Number1
Internal Part NumberC001100
EAN Barcode9999999999999
GTIN Barcode09999999999999
CORGIdirect Complete Pocket Book Set - CPB1

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